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In the past, dental patients had few options for replacing missing teeth. One option was a dental bridge, which uses a fake tooth attached to two crowns on each of its sides. This is a secure replacement, but requires shaving down two healthy teeth for the supporting crowns.

The other option was a denture. Today, there are two types available: partial dentures & full dentures. Partials can snap onto nearby teeth & serve in place of a few missing teeth, while full dentures can replace your upper & lower arches of teeth. Dentures are a better pick for patients who have lost multiple teeth, but they are less stable & only attached by an adhesive.

Several decades ago, a new & better way to replace teeth quickly became the dental industry’s gold standard: dental implants. Dental implants are the greatest innovation in tooth replacement technology that dentistry has ever seen. They are secure metal posts with artificial teeth (crowns) on top. With advanced surgical techniques, a dentist can place a titanium dental implant in the jaw cavities that once held a tooth root. A unique healing process makes the bone grow around & integrate with the implant, which gives an implant-supported crown the same strength & security as a natural tooth.

Unfortunately, there are some circumstances that prevent patients from getting dental implants. People with poor dental health or who have lost multiple teeth may suffer from a condition known as bone loss. This ailment weakens the jawbone, making it difficult or impossible for the implant to be firmly seated.

Fortunately, patients with bone loss are not out of luck. Advances in dental technologies & materials have created a solution for people ineligible for standard dental implants. The invention of mini dental implants has given these patients another chance to obtain the smile of their dreams!

Often done in a single visit, mini dental implants are the new & low-cost way to replace missing teeth, at less than half the cost of traditional dental implants! Even patients who have been told they aren’t candidates for traditional implants may benefit from mini implants. Half as large as their full-size counterparts, mini dental implants can be placed more easily in patients with bone loss. Their reduced size also allows for a quicker procedure with less recovery time.

One of the most common uses for mini dental implants is securing a pair of dentures. Many denture-wearers experience issues with the fit of their replacement teeth & are unable to eat the foods they once enjoyed. Attaching your dentures to mini implants increases their functionality, meaning you can eat & chew similarly to having natural teeth.

Stabilizing a pair of dentures only requires a few mini implants. In some cases, your existing dentures can be used, making the procedure that much more affordable. We would also be happy to make a fresh set of dentures with a more aesthetically satisfying look. After all, you’ll be smiling a lot more with the confidence from mini dental implants!

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