San Salvador Mission Trip

On July 7, 20Volunteers painting butterfly on a wall.18, the team at Everlasting Dental Care, along with volunteers & other dental & medical professionals, traveled to the Children Development Center in San Salvador, where over 330 patients were treated with approximately $230,000 in dental procedures. Critical dental health & hygiene services were provided to children whose families could not otherwise afford even minimal healthcare.

Established to help the poverty-stricken community near Santa Ana (Ilamatepec) volcano, the Children Development Center GCLA was created in 2008 through the collaboration of Ingesia Gran Commision & La Evangelica University.

In addition to administering dental care, the team also provided dental education, including giving dentists and students in El Salvador instruction on several vital dental procedures as well as sleep apnea, helping them to carry on the work that was started on the mission trip. Eleven beds were built and painted for children who had no beds of their own (often having no alternative but to sleep with their parents, other children or on the floor). Dr. Morabito and his team also provided a Vacation Bible School and painted a Project Smile 2018 butterfly mural.

The mission trip has concluded, but there is still more we can do. Our goal internationally is the same as what we strive to do in the states- spread smiles wherever we go. We do this with a filling, a new pair of glasses, a hug, a prayer, or spreading the good news.

You can learn more and read the full summary here.

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