The Story Behind Our Logo

Everlasting Dental Care:

Our care for you is for a lifetime. You, our patient, are part of our family & therefore our care for you is everlasting.

Your Smile is Our Goal:

This has been our motto since the very beginning. We want to create & maintain the smile that you want in your time & on your budget. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile that they feel comfortable sharing with the world.


They create a nest. Our office is a safe, trustworthy, & comfortable home for you.


Our care for you is gentle. We offer the newest & improved technology to make your visit comfortable.

Little Yellow Bird:

Growing up, my brothers & sisters were often bewildered at how my father always seemed to know when we had messed up, needed help, or most often needed encouragement & support. In his fatherly way, he convinced us that there was a little yellow bird that always followed us around watching after us. In a very subtle but profound way, we grew up feeling his presence & his strength. He passed on his sense of compassion & his values of always doing the right thing, working hard, & treating others with respect. In honor of his lifelong passion of giving back, we are picking up the torch & dedicating our mission work to him. Our new foundation will allow us to go on more mission trips with an aim to “Spread Smiles From Here to the Nations.”

Thank you for being part of our family & helping us with our mission.

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