No Insurance? No Problem!

Our dental office in Falls Church, VA is proud to announce the answer for those who either do not have dental insurance or who lack good dental insurance benefits. We have created a new hybrid oral health plan called the Smile Club. Our program is designed to help you save a tremendous amount of money & cut through the red tape.

It is all-encompassing, without limitations & tailored to exactly what you want. There are no annual maximums, no waiting periods, no pre-authorization, no limitations, no exclusions, no missing tooth clauses & no age limits.

It’s so simple – Two cleanings per year, two periodic exams & unlimited x-rays plus a 15% discount on other procedures.

Unlike traditional dental insurance, the Smile Club can be utilized for all dental care such as:


An Interesting Fact from Dr. Morabito:

When my father started practicing dentistry in 1968, the annual maximum dental benefit was around $1000-$1200, which would purchase five to six crowns or more. Today, almost 50 years later, it is still the same maximum dental benefit & the cost of a crown has risen.

We look forward to providing our Smile Club members with the highest level of dental care while keeping your dental treatment costs to a minimum.

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