Fixed Bridges

Fixed Bridges in Falls Church, VA

With factors ranging from genetic predisposition, trauma, advanced decay, or periodontal disease, many patients are left dealing with the challenges posed by tooth loss. Fortunately, there are several options available to replace missing teeth. When patients come into our practice to have these issues addressed, Dr. Robert A. Morabito takes the time to understand their concerns and make a recommendation for the most appropriate course of restorative care. For some cases, this means receiving a fixed bridge, a tried-and-true method of dental restoration.

We provide dental bridges as part of our dedication to helping Falls Church, Arlington, and our neighbors throughout the area enjoy the benefits a full smile has to offer. Reach out to us today and discover if this treatment is right for you.

Why Receive a Dental Bridge?Quality Dental Bridges and Restorations from Falls Church dentist, Robert A. Morabito, DDS

There is a good reason traditional restorations such as dental bridges are still viable options: they are proven to work. Fixed bridges, in particular, have been shown to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years when provided by an experienced restorative dentist and proper hygiene is maintained.

The following are among the main reasons patients receive a fixed bridge:

  • Filling the space left by missing teeth
  • Maintaining facial shape
  • Preventing the remaining teeth from drifting out of position
  • Restoring chewing and speaking ability
  • Rejuvenating their smile
  • Upgrading from a removable partial denture to a permanent dental appliance

Those who receive bridges from Dr. Morabito also notice cosmetic benefits as these tooth-colored restorations return uniformity and beauty to the smile.

A Streamlined Procedure

Bridges allow patients to have a permanent replacement for their missing teeth in as few as two visits. To do so, we take digital impressions and either use our in-office CAD/CAM technology or collaborate with a trusted dental laboratory to develop your custom-fit restoration. To ensure the bridge blends in seamlessly, we match the shade of the anchoring crowns and replacement teeth to meet your aesthetic desires while being consistent with the rest of your smile.

Placing the supporting crowns requires minor alteration of neighboring teeth. Dr. Morabito takes a conservative approach to this process, preserving as much healthy dental structure as possible. After checking the bridge for proper fit and ensuring there’s no negative interaction between the restoration and surrounding soft tissue, he cements it in place. From here, the permanent bridge is ready to restore full functionality.

Regain Your Complete Smile -- Schedule a Consultation Today!

For quality restorations, including fixed bridges, look no further than the office of Robert A. Morabito, DDS. Between the state-of-the-art technology at our practice, the premium restorative materials we use, and Dr. Morabito’s commitment to providing exceptional results, we are able to help patients in Falls Church, Arlington, and all the surrounding communities achieve their ideal smile.

To learn more about our options for restoring healthy oral function and natural dental aesthetics, give us a call today!


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Dr. Morabito and your wonderful staff - Thank you so much for your kind, welcoming, and kid-friendly attention you gave me and my sons when we came in for the Harrison's 1st dental checkup. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

The Harrisons

Dr. Morabito is an awesome dentist, a great personality with the hift of humor, he is personable, and amazingly manages to choose the very best people to work for him. They are all excellent and most of all - caring and genuine. And with my dental problems, believe me I have had my share of being treated like a "number." I recently flew back to Falls Church from Kansas City to have him do my implants, because I don't trust anyone else.

Lynn S.

Dr. Morabito is a rare man: intellectual, very professional, very sensitive and practical to his patients. HIS STAFF: ADIMINISTRATION, DENTAL HYGENISTS, DENTAL ASSISTANTS , entertainment, and a charitable character are exceptionally capable, as he demands. If his practice were a fine hotel, his ZAGAT rating would be the highest. Dr. Morabito is an exceptional man! His professional associations keep him in the forefront of the latest methods and technology. He is excellent with the fearful and anxious patients and makes them feel confident. He is great in all the technical aspects of dentistry. He makes thousands of patients look better and feel great about themselves. You can feel secure in knowing that Dr. Morabito is the only dentist you will need, and he is affordable with a variety of financial plans. All aspects are well explained. If you want a great dentist, see Dr. Morabito and his charming and professional staff that will make you comfortable like family.

Michael C.

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